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Keeping data safe is vital in today’s business world. Many companies have been forced to report that confidential data stored on their computers has been stolen. Not only does this interrupt normal operations, it also costs the confidence of clients and business partners. After all, no one wants to provide their confidential data to a company that can’t keep it safe. Having a powerful and effective security plan in place can make all the difference. Company owners and leaders should visit for information about what kinds of services can be used to keep their data safe and secure.

Antivirus software is a basic service type that prevents malicious software from executing. Modern computer hardware has built-in instructions that stop the code from running, but the definitions in those instruction sets are limited. Enterprise-class antivirus software protects against a much wider array of malicious software. Not only are the definitions more expansive, the heuristic technology in antivirus software can detect unknown viruses based on behavior.

Firewalls protect against network attacks from inside and outside of the system. This type of software controls access to the system and makes sure there are no spyware viruses, unauthorized connections, or attacks allowed in or out. More powerful firewalls are able to completely control each connection in the network whether it’s a wireless or physical connection.

Data encryption is more of an internal type of protection. Powerful software can stop almost any kind of attack, but some attacks can still make it through. When this happens it’s best that the data in the system is protected. BY encrypting the data, no one but authorized users can access or use it. Only with an authorized encryption key will the data be accessible. Otherwise, the data is useless.

Real-time monitoring is the next level of protection. When attacks make it through the security system a service provider can monitor the attack and detect where it’s coming from. BY finding the source of the attack, the security gap can be closed. Preventing future attacks will make the entire system more secure and prevent data theft or damage.